From Architecture To Buses

        The Sidney Opera House and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are just two of the buildings created by Arup , a British company that has been active in the international market in various Advanced Technology  sectors in recent years . Though Arup is mainly involved in civil engineering and great architectural projects , one of its subsidiary companies, Arup is mainly involved in design engineering for the automotive and transportation sectors.

            Some years ago , the firm`s Design Manager , Jonathan Gould and his team were involved in research for the Java , the concept car created for Bentley by Roy Axe`s Design Associates .That project was followed by many more co-design operations and this year a team headed by project manager Adrian Griffiths designed by whole vehicle on their own which will soon go into production. The vehicle in question is a luxury coach which will built by the Spanish firm Irizar as the basis for a fundamental image update.
            The new Irizar Coach Launched in San Sebastian , Spain in February 2001 , will replace the Irizar models currently on the road and was designed to retain their fundamental characteristics while introducing a new look and innovative technology to the collective transport sector "It took us three years to get from concept to production model" explain Adrian Griffiths "and right from the start our idea was to develop a new kind of coach body that could just as easily clothe Mercedes ,Iveco , Volvo ,or Scania a mechanicals

            The new coach`s soft lines rounded "face " and superimposed volumes are its most distinctive feature and it is clear that the team has put most of its design effort into the front view The sides are much plainer as is the near , through the spoiler which holds the stop , lights creates an element of movement ,
             The interior was also designed to portray a luxury image of cutting edge performance ."The interior " continues Grifftihs "is perhaps the most innovative part of the design ,Irizar  asked us to to give passengers the feeling of inhabiting a stage set that has been carefully and unconventionally designed ".The interior trim is clearly airplane -inspired(one of Arup Design Research`s activities is the design of interiors for private planes ) with a great deal of attention having been paid to to the view out of the windows . ease of access and comfort on the road


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