Nobody can born as creative,you can only be creative by demolishing past experiences and hard-working.Every destruction, every rebellion , every self effort makes person more creative. Hard-working is essential for creative subject synthesis,but not every crazy hard-working makes person more creative.Every person can not develop creative personality.Creative person have to have some genetic , neurological , chemical,hormonal perks .But not all neurological ,genetic, chemical ,hormonal susceptibility makes person creative.For transforming these susceptibilities into skills and ability, person has to pass very special personal training and education.[Image] It is hard to take genetic,chemical, hormonal neurological susceptive people to special personal training and education. Persons who accepted their social role and improved traditional connections and networks do not easily consented for special education.

.Because they are generally accustomed to traditional dominant institutions,and they are happy with things which system provide and offer.Even if people have advantages and gifts by born they don not accept hard personal art education .The values which they learn and memorized create their attitude of their mind.These values , measurements, jurisdictions,principles forced them to protect and preserve past experiences and values.So people do not want to risk what they have when they are happy with these.....
How far they motivated , how far they conditioned, even if they are in the relationship of love and sympathy with the force of genetic impulses they can still want personal art education and concentrate on it.After meeting with that kind of opportunity , person can startle and be undecidable with logic, mind mold of social roleright after first willingness excitement.Unstability directs person to third party people.Person asks ,counsels tries to make exchanges.If the prescriptive person, is still lives moderate social role ,starts to remind risks and things that he/she can loose .And insists about not making mistakes.Unstability generally entails to give up and backingup to past.[Image] But if person is natural talented with neurological, physiological, and hormonal gifts , he/she can pass thesewobble and unstability process by accepting and query it as self.This force person to follow the message of inner self thoughts.Really if persons natural born superiority has not damaged or corrupted by traditional dominant system,person still has chance to become original unique artist being.And this strong feelings about being artist has seed in that unstability process.That kind of red bull attitude gives person incredible energy and motivation for that education.People who believe and trust old perceptions and significations never have opportunity to have risk and re-shaping their own mind .But if person pass that process he would got the chance of final equilibrium


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