1- Cozy new face of iconic British double Decker, if you have ever been in London, you should have been already meet with classic double deckers. This boy has been designed by Heatherwrick studios . It looks hot with that cross window thing, after 50 years of usage of old iconic double deckers , I guess it right time to change them with something new cool and more green.

2- Largest bus for overcrowded country china,I am not sure is designing longest bus for solving public transport problem of China. I suppose that Chinese people prefer bicycles for transportation , I think they should continue their habit for better and environmental friendly china.The Superliner can carry more than 300 people wow

3- The credo e-bone concept bus design by Hungarian designer. I do not know the meaning the credo e-bone but if I were the designer I would choose different name like snail this pretty snail like vehicle is zero emission and powered by hydrogen fuel cells

4- Ikarus bus concept from Ukraine , student project for tourists , at least they say so not the best design but it looks okay for me as you designing like this kind of big vehicles Is not easy .Furthermore being successful is harder.

5- Here is an interesting design , it is 100 percent green, but I can be little tired having a seat in this bus. Casimir Sienkiewicz and his team invented this vehicle. 10 of 14 passenger have to be available for properly working travel experience.


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