As you now we are in the age of sustainability . All products ,all materials which we produced have to be environmental friendly .With respect to these facts . A new concept has born in the creative industry , graphic designers told it good design ,architects call it green design introduce designers called it sustainability.Nowadays for a designer designer sustainability is a must instead of a concept. 
    As you know for urban life , transportation is really important , every modern working or non working individuals have to use public transportation and it seems that bus transportation is still one of the most popular way traveling .
-Energy consumption of the bus per people/km is one-third of that of a car
-Buses are only responsible for about 5% of the CO2 emissions
which is generated by vehicles
-Capacity of buses, single bus: 120 / articulated bus: 150
  to sum up buses are fantastic they are cheap,flexible and they rely meets the expectation of customers both capacity and speed.and they are the first competitors of mighty private motorized transportation

For universal aspect buses are the still the best solution for balanced and sustainable transport   Let me say something about new trends of public transportation I mean bus transportation
-Low architecture floor
Low architecture floor buses are really comfortable and gives you very easy boarding they have a great advantages for disabled  people . Low architecture floor also provides physiological  trust to user.

-Bus rapid transit lines,
these rapid transit lines are really popular in my country they work like tramway or subway. Bus rapid transit lines have their own  space in road so they have no traffic problem.
-guiding devices Actually this is to the new concept but as you know buses generally lack of guiding devices it is not a big deal maybe for you but it can be life saver for a foreigner.
-Double articulated vehicles
With that technology buses can carry up to 215 person which is good for economy and efficiency


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