Pritzker architecture prize is a architecture reward which was given by Hyatt society.Hyatt organization is founded by jay ,pritzker and his wife Cindy Pritzker with the aim of rewarding successful architects, in regard oftheir nationality , every year priztker organization give prizes to successful architects all around the world prize is equal to 100.000 American dollar , and it is still funding by priztker family.

       This years winner is Wang Shu, unless authorities guess.Chinese architect Wang Shu is owner of the amateur architecture studio. Wang Shu said that he surprised too but .This reward was the effort of hard working.Wang Shu has born in 1963 in Urumqi. He graduated from  Nanjing technology institute in 1985 , he finished his PhD in same school too. In his career as an architecture he concentrate to libraries , youth centers, museums.

     I guess there is a lot of fact why jury has choose Wang Shu but I think one of the most important one is china factor, as  you know china country is a big construction site .This fact has benefits new architects can test themselves in this construction  site and can try new things.When compare with west world.All you can do in a urban western city is to protect historical architecture pattern , there is no new place to build new  things in western world. China and Arab world seems good construction site, this is why all new architects are from or live in these countries.
instead of these political and unrelated design topics  ,Wang Shu is not a bad architect his buildings have strong unique references to mighty Chinas past .These references evoke the past but they are not really direct references.His architecture and design aspect have strong Sense of cultural continuity. Using material in his works are experimental and suits the idealistic ideas of sustainability and green urban life.his monumental works are appropriate to city texture indeed there is no city texture in china urban life. Another successful feature of Wang Shu is he can work in all scales. He can design small interior to big hotels museums.

 it seems that Wang Shu had already deserved this prize ,unless authorities I did not surprise of this choose .Wang Shu is brilliant architecture with red bull attitude and strong work ethic


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