As you know Vodafone is one of the leading mobile communication company in the world, Vodafone is available in my country too and i am really happy about their services. As all super big companies Vodofone is need of well-designed showcase too. I guess this building will be showcase of their company. This modern building constructed in Porto second big port city of Portugal and designed by architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães.Design of the building is not static, it is quite dynamic and asymmetric .I am not sure it suits urban architecture but it is not a big deal ,nowadays all this kind of designs looks like came from alien space,As a designer i can say that this is the trick for a well design . People should not understand how you build or design your product or building.Furthermore , some design critics said that , face of design should had influenced so bad by works of Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad. I do not think so, this public figures are popular because of their networks and fame not because of their genius.Blaming every designer to influenced by bla bla is not appropriate.If you can make some research you can find that this way of design is called maximalism , and this is not invented by Ron Arad or Zaha Hadid. To sum up maximalism means new minimalism ,rich and pure.By the way this is good example for maximalism


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