Swedish Designer Ben Soleimani and His Rug Designs

            Born in the fourth generation of British luxury rug purveyor ,mansour, Ben Soleimani was raised  with deep appreciation for the historic art of rug making .In 1993 , he carried the family legacy of to Los Angeles with Mansour Modern , where he designs ,collects, and sells coutore carpets and tapestries. Yet of all the epochs  and artisans he admires ,Swedish rugs from the deco period are among those closest to his heart .

            Scandinavian design from 1930s to 50s was revolutionary :clean geometric lines , are radical break from the color wheel , he explains . Soleimani is drawn by this inventive spirit as much as by the aesthetic, which has a uniquely naive , lighthearted quality so different from other rugs of the period and which fits seamlessly into today`s interiors. To my  eye much of contemporary design is just a slightly cleaner version of 1930`s modern , he says.

        Soleimani started acquiring the rugs as a teenager , and today owns one of the largest collections in the world He prizes ingenuity of line and palette over value ,and keeps a sharp lookout for innovators of the time , famous or unknown. Just as satisfying as the conquest is the hunt , which brings him to every corner otf the world .The are always in the most unusual places, he says always where you least  expect.


A good rug can really make a room.

Wow, that was a pretty interesting read! I have this really awesome green rug in my room, and I love it!

Just goes to show, everyone has a passion! And some people can turn mundane things into very aesthetically pleasing things.

wow thats a nice design

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