Today I had gone to manga and manga history seminar by Atsushi hosogaya. Doc. Atsushi graduated from Wasede university.He is still professor in Tokyo Polytechnic university fine arts facility manga department He is the chairman of Japan manga culture and manga research department. Also he is author of understanding Japan manga and Asian manga peak. Long story in short he is a master of international manga culture.

 Actually I have not meet too many Japanese people in my life maybe 2 or 3 but, I really admire their culture  .They are technologically super advanced . They influenced world with lots of cultural achievement . And one of them is manga. Graphic novel culture is quite different from western world in Japan . It has strong historical background even in medieval ages , Japanese people had graphic novels which first aim to entertainment , after 2 world war it becomes real phenomenon . In Japan culture even non living things have
soul , I mean they believe that trees,cars, furniture houses have souls too.So this people love to create something and
they do not consume it easily like western society. They create characters and believe that these characters have souls.

Atsushi master told us how to be mangaka too , every year his school accepts 25 students but only 5 can be real manga artists other ones works other manga related works , one of them is scenarist.As you know manga industry is huge in Japan and it become more and more popular day by day in entire world.So manga industry needs more and more people to get work. Employers needs good scenarist more than good artist. Japan manga society had already draw about everything, they are really in trouble about finding new stories. If you want to work in manga industry you should think about being scenarist too.

             In manga history first themes were chosen for children , after Being popular by university students, manga themes changed too .They became more violent and sensitive to social problems.Before world war 2 manga themes were really fascist , I guess Zeitgeist spirit of time is decisive neither choose of manga artist. After world war 2 with Astro Boy manga made its social impact.Nowadays Shonen Jump school is number one ,these popular titles like naruto, bleach and one piece are all published first in Shonen Jump magazine


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