As you know technological explorations came from generally from 1st world countries like west Europe and north America .But design discipline is more democratic from science .Sometimes one simple idea in art and design may  change the big picture.Nowadays Even 3rd world countries like Turkey ,India and China can do special things in design scene.Indian design society is  bold too. Hakan gursu is just another strong designer from that third world  country Turkey. It seems that Hakan Gursu is well educated , I am really curios about how he improve
himself in that kind of place, I mean I do not really know how is design education in middle east.You know art and design disciplines can not live in conservative places, they need free atmosphere.I don think middle east and radical muslim country is best for that kind of atmosphere .To be honest I was have no hope about Turkish designers until I have meet Hakan Gursu.
             I checked his portfolio , there are lots of good and bad designs and too many boring design sketches which are pretty good.And he has more than 50 awards from really good design communities. I really appreciated this guys red bull attitude  and passion for design. His latest awards is from green dot which is really prestigious award. He hadwon second prize with in transportation category by his FOSCAT 32 design.It is simply folding solar catamaran  . It is esthetically terribly poor , renders are   unsatisfactory  .I do not want to believe that it had done by a product designer or computer graphic artist. It offers reducing the CO2 oscillation . The system also offers renewable energy which is not really big deal.

              I really do not understand why they give this prize to this guy.Design looks bad and looks like fake green design. Let me explain what is fake green design. It is the way of showing something which is not green or sustainable ,green friendly. To sum up I do not like the design both in functionally and visually , it can be
really good example of fake green design . I did not really hope better than this from a 3rd world country like Turkey.Last worlds to Turkey , I know it is off topic but please stop aggression against Kurds and Armenians and admit Armenian genocide....


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