Public Transportation Design In World

        Public transportation habits depends  on peoples cultural , historical and sociologic background. Of course fi  , and china...These countries are really crowded, and they are newly developing too.  Lack of urban infrastructure , forced these  countries to use that kind of public transportation systems. Other alternatives like light rail systems are too complex , expensive and hard to build .Success of these public transport systems call attention of authorities and 1st world countries. 


1sr world countries like west Europe and north Europe are plan to use these systems too. Newyork mayor has already  announced its new public transportation system as   Bus Rapid Transit system. 1st world countries are superior on urban planning and infrastructure. In these countries    people   are in demand of green energy and sustainibility too .in them distances are shorter and congestion is not really big deal. But in emerging markets congestion is terrible . distances betw

een are long ,and there is huge demand for public transportation. My observations show that 7o percent of traffic accidents occurs in developing countries and emerging markets.

-In world there are 1.3 billion poor people around  and 75 percent of these people are woman , depending to their gender and social roles .These peoples usage of public

transportation and travelling patterns are slightly different.

-in emerging markets vehicle and traffic safety is big problem ,this is because of  lack of decent driver education.
-In emerging markets , destinations are short and stations are too crowded.
-In 1st world 40 percent of customers who are using public transportations are old and disabled .
-in 1st world people are eating and and drinking something in buses and trains.
-Lastly in 1st world are in demand of carrying   their pet and listening of music loudly            


Quite a futuristic one on the second picture. Sadly in my country there are only few hybrid buses in use. And their plain as far as design is concerned. Fortunately they do stand out with teh custom paint job.

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