From Architecture To Buses

        The Sidney Opera House and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are just two of the buildings created by Arup , a British company that has been active in the international market in various Advanced Technology  sectors in recent years . Though Arup is mainly involved in civil engineering and great architectural projects , one of its subsidiary companies, Arup is mainly involved in design engineering for the automotive and transportation sectors.

            Some years ago , the firm`s Design Manager , Jonathan Gould and his team were involved in research for the Java , the concept car created for Bentley by Roy Axe`s Design Associates .That project was followed by many more co-design operations and this year a team headed by project manager Adrian Griffiths designed by whole vehicle on their own which will soon go into production. The vehicle in question is a luxury coach which will built by the Spanish firm Irizar as the basis for a fundamental image update.
            The new Irizar Coach Launched in San Sebastian , Spain in February 2001 , will replace the Irizar models currently on the road and was designed to retain their fundamental characteristics while introducing a new look and innovative technology to the collective transport sector "It took us three years to get from concept to production model" explain Adrian Griffiths "and right from the start our idea was to develop a new kind of coach body that could just as easily clothe Mercedes ,Iveco , Volvo ,or Scania a mechanicals

            The new coach`s soft lines rounded "face " and superimposed volumes are its most distinctive feature and it is clear that the team has put most of its design effort into the front view The sides are much plainer as is the near , through the spoiler which holds the stop , lights creates an element of movement ,
             The interior was also designed to portray a luxury image of cutting edge performance ."The interior " continues Grifftihs "is perhaps the most innovative part of the design ,Irizar  asked us to to give passengers the feeling of inhabiting a stage set that has been carefully and unconventionally designed ".The interior trim is clearly airplane -inspired(one of Arup Design Research`s activities is the design of interiors for private planes ) with a great deal of attention having been paid to to the view out of the windows . ease of access and comfort on the road


Portrait Painter Lucian Freud`s Masterful Artworks Capture Humanity At Its Most Vital And Private

            Lucian  Freud lived quite a few lives before dying at the age of eighty-eight last July. As a boy he fled Berlin with his family to escape the rise of Nazism. As a teenager he was expelled from school for dropping his trousers on a dare . And as an adult he married and divorced twice over , enjoyed many love affairs  and fathered as least thirteen children (more than earning his “Byronic reputation as a rake”  , as The NewyorkTimes put it in his obituary)

                     But more than anything, this grandson of Sigmund Freud is the man who redefined British art. His lush , almost tactile portraits , often of people lost in contemplation , even despair , feel more intimate than intimacy itself – in real life we are too of the-moment to drink it in the way his paintings allow . Freud spent countless hours with his subjects . scrutinizing them with unabashed clarity , and rendering what he saw in thick , fleshy layers of paint . Ultimately , each face is a moment frozen , still pulsing with emotion.

                  In February , more than one hundred of Freud`s portraits will be on exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery of London . Some have never been seen before : all deserve to be seen anew.


Swedish Designer Ben Soleimani and His Rug Designs

            Born in the fourth generation of British luxury rug purveyor ,mansour, Ben Soleimani was raised  with deep appreciation for the historic art of rug making .In 1993 , he carried the family legacy of to Los Angeles with Mansour Modern , where he designs ,collects, and sells coutore carpets and tapestries. Yet of all the epochs  and artisans he admires ,Swedish rugs from the deco period are among those closest to his heart .

            Scandinavian design from 1930s to 50s was revolutionary :clean geometric lines , are radical break from the color wheel , he explains . Soleimani is drawn by this inventive spirit as much as by the aesthetic, which has a uniquely naive , lighthearted quality so different from other rugs of the period and which fits seamlessly into today`s interiors. To my  eye much of contemporary design is just a slightly cleaner version of 1930`s modern , he says.

        Soleimani started acquiring the rugs as a teenager , and today owns one of the largest collections in the world He prizes ingenuity of line and palette over value ,and keeps a sharp lookout for innovators of the time , famous or unknown. Just as satisfying as the conquest is the hunt , which brings him to every corner otf the world .The are always in the most unusual places, he says always where you least  expect.


Public Transportation Design In World

        Public transportation habits depends  on peoples cultural , historical and sociologic background. Of course fi  , and china...These countries are really crowded, and they are newly developing too.  Lack of urban infrastructure , forced these  countries to use that kind of public transportation systems. Other alternatives like light rail systems are too complex , expensive and hard to build .Success of these public transport systems call attention of authorities and 1st world countries. 

1sr world countries like west Europe and north Europe are plan to use these systems too. Newyork mayor has already  announced its new public transportation system as   Bus Rapid Transit system. 1st world countries are superior on urban planning and infrastructure. In these countries    people   are in demand of green energy and sustainibility too .in them distances are shorter and congestion is not really big deal. But in emerging markets congestion is terrible . distances betw

een are long ,and there is huge demand for public transportation. My observations show that 7o percent of traffic accidents occurs in developing countries and emerging markets.

-In world there are 1.3 billion poor people around  and 75 percent of these people are woman , depending to their gender and social roles .These peoples usage of public

transportation and travelling patterns are slightly different.

-in emerging markets vehicle and traffic safety is big problem ,this is because of  lack of decent driver education.
-In emerging markets , destinations are short and stations are too crowded.
-In 1st world 40 percent of customers who are using public transportations are old and disabled .
-in 1st world people are eating and and drinking something in buses and trains.
-Lastly in 1st world are in demand of carrying   their pet and listening of music loudly            



  Nobody can born as creative,you can only be creative by demolishing past experiences and hard-working.Every destruction, every rebellion , every self effort makes person more creative. Hard-working is essential for creative subject synthesis,but not every crazy hard-working makes person more creative.Every person can not develop creative personality.Creative person have to have some genetic , neurological , chemical,hormonal perks .But not all neurological ,genetic, chemical ,hormonal susceptibility makes person creative.For transforming these susceptibilities into skills and ability, person has to pass very special personal training and education.[Image] It is hard to take genetic,chemical, hormonal neurological susceptive people to special personal training and education. Persons who accepted their social role and improved traditional connections and networks do not easily consented for special education.

.Because they are generally accustomed to traditional dominant institutions,and they are happy with things which system provide and offer.Even if people have advantages and gifts by born they don not accept hard personal art education .The values which they learn and memorized create their attitude of their mind.These values , measurements, jurisdictions,principles forced them to protect and preserve past experiences and values.So people do not want to risk what they have when they are happy with these.....
How far they motivated , how far they conditioned, even if they are in the relationship of love and sympathy with the force of genetic impulses they can still want personal art education and concentrate on it.After meeting with that kind of opportunity , person can startle and be undecidable with logic, mind mold of social roleright after first willingness excitement.Unstability directs person to third party people.Person asks ,counsels tries to make exchanges.If the prescriptive person, is still lives moderate social role ,starts to remind risks and things that he/she can loose .And insists about not making mistakes.Unstability generally entails to give up and backingup to past.[Image] But if person is natural talented with neurological, physiological, and hormonal gifts , he/she can pass thesewobble and unstability process by accepting and query it as self.This force person to follow the message of inner self thoughts.Really if persons natural born superiority has not damaged or corrupted by traditional dominant system,person still has chance to become original unique artist being.And this strong feelings about being artist has seed in that unstability process.That kind of red bull attitude gives person incredible energy and motivation for that education.People who believe and trust old perceptions and significations never have opportunity to have risk and re-shaping their own mind .But if person pass that process he would got the chance of final equilibrium


         Pritzker architecture prize is a architecture reward which was given by Hyatt society.Hyatt organization is founded by jay ,pritzker and his wife Cindy Pritzker with the aim of rewarding successful architects, in regard oftheir nationality , every year priztker organization give prizes to successful architects all around the world prize is equal to 100.000 American dollar , and it is still funding by priztker family.

       This years winner is Wang Shu, unless authorities guess.Chinese architect Wang Shu is owner of the amateur architecture studio. Wang Shu said that he surprised too but .This reward was the effort of hard working.Wang Shu has born in 1963 in Urumqi. He graduated from  Nanjing technology institute in 1985 , he finished his PhD in same school too. In his career as an architecture he concentrate to libraries , youth centers, museums.

     I guess there is a lot of fact why jury has choose Wang Shu but I think one of the most important one is china factor, as  you know china country is a big construction site .This fact has benefits new architects can test themselves in this construction  site and can try new things.When compare with west world.All you can do in a urban western city is to protect historical architecture pattern , there is no new place to build new  things in western world. China and Arab world seems good construction site, this is why all new architects are from or live in these countries.
instead of these political and unrelated design topics  ,Wang Shu is not a bad architect his buildings have strong unique references to mighty Chinas past .These references evoke the past but they are not really direct references.His architecture and design aspect have strong Sense of cultural continuity. Using material in his works are experimental and suits the idealistic ideas of sustainability and green urban life.his monumental works are appropriate to city texture indeed there is no city texture in china urban life. Another successful feature of Wang Shu is he can work in all scales. He can design small interior to big hotels museums.

 it seems that Wang Shu had already deserved this prize ,unless authorities I did not surprise of this choose .Wang Shu is brilliant architecture with red bull attitude and strong work ethic


          Today I had gone to manga and manga history seminar by Atsushi hosogaya. Doc. Atsushi graduated from Wasede university.He is still professor in Tokyo Polytechnic university fine arts facility manga department He is the chairman of Japan manga culture and manga research department. Also he is author of understanding Japan manga and Asian manga peak. Long story in short he is a master of international manga culture.

 Actually I have not meet too many Japanese people in my life maybe 2 or 3 but, I really admire their culture  .They are technologically super advanced . They influenced world with lots of cultural achievement . And one of them is manga. Graphic novel culture is quite different from western world in Japan . It has strong historical background even in medieval ages , Japanese people had graphic novels which first aim to entertainment , after 2 world war it becomes real phenomenon . In Japan culture even non living things have
soul , I mean they believe that trees,cars, furniture houses have souls too.So this people love to create something and
they do not consume it easily like western society. They create characters and believe that these characters have souls.

Atsushi master told us how to be mangaka too , every year his school accepts 25 students but only 5 can be real manga artists other ones works other manga related works , one of them is scenarist.As you know manga industry is huge in Japan and it become more and more popular day by day in entire world.So manga industry needs more and more people to get work. Employers needs good scenarist more than good artist. Japan manga society had already draw about everything, they are really in trouble about finding new stories. If you want to work in manga industry you should think about being scenarist too.

             In manga history first themes were chosen for children , after Being popular by university students, manga themes changed too .They became more violent and sensitive to social problems.Before world war 2 manga themes were really fascist , I guess Zeitgeist spirit of time is decisive neither choose of manga artist. After world war 2 with Astro Boy manga made its social impact.Nowadays Shonen Jump school is number one ,these popular titles like naruto, bleach and one piece are all published first in Shonen Jump magazine


 As you now we are in the age of sustainability . All products ,all materials which we produced have to be environmental friendly .With respect to these facts . A new concept has born in the creative industry , graphic designers told it good design ,architects call it green design introduce designers called it sustainability.Nowadays for a designer designer sustainability is a must instead of a concept. 
    As you know for urban life , transportation is really important , every modern working or non working individuals have to use public transportation and it seems that bus transportation is still one of the most popular way traveling .
-Energy consumption of the bus per people/km is one-third of that of a car
-Buses are only responsible for about 5% of the CO2 emissions
which is generated by vehicles
-Capacity of buses, single bus: 120 / articulated bus: 150
  to sum up buses are fantastic they are cheap,flexible and they rely meets the expectation of customers both capacity and speed.and they are the first competitors of mighty private motorized transportation

For universal aspect buses are the still the best solution for balanced and sustainable transport   Let me say something about new trends of public transportation I mean bus transportation
-Low architecture floor
Low architecture floor buses are really comfortable and gives you very easy boarding they have a great advantages for disabled  people . Low architecture floor also provides physiological  trust to user.

-Bus rapid transit lines,
these rapid transit lines are really popular in my country they work like tramway or subway. Bus rapid transit lines have their own  space in road so they have no traffic problem.
-guiding devices Actually this is to the new concept but as you know buses generally lack of guiding devices it is not a big deal maybe for you but it can be life saver for a foreigner.
-Double articulated vehicles
With that technology buses can carry up to 215 person which is good for economy and efficiency


1- Cozy new face of iconic British double Decker, if you have ever been in London, you should have been already meet with classic double deckers. This boy has been designed by Heatherwrick studios . It looks hot with that cross window thing, after 50 years of usage of old iconic double deckers , I guess it right time to change them with something new cool and more green.

2- Largest bus for overcrowded country china,I am not sure is designing longest bus for solving public transport problem of China. I suppose that Chinese people prefer bicycles for transportation , I think they should continue their habit for better and environmental friendly china.The Superliner can carry more than 300 people wow

3- The credo e-bone concept bus design by Hungarian designer. I do not know the meaning the credo e-bone but if I were the designer I would choose different name like snail this pretty snail like vehicle is zero emission and powered by hydrogen fuel cells

4- Ikarus bus concept from Ukraine , student project for tourists , at least they say so not the best design but it looks okay for me as you designing like this kind of big vehicles Is not easy .Furthermore being successful is harder.

5- Here is an interesting design , it is 100 percent green, but I can be little tired having a seat in this bus. Casimir Sienkiewicz and his team invented this vehicle. 10 of 14 passenger have to be available for properly working travel experience.



              Trumph towers has constructed in financial heart of Istanbul , Sisli . If you have ever visited istanbul , you should know that istanbul has a strong historical and cultural urban texture.Although in recent days in Turkey there was a debate about protecting Constantinople texture and aspect of city. Recently built skyscapers and towers threats city, historical views and turns it to industrial trash. My opinion is , Istanbul`s urban planning should be horizontal instead of vertical.And city has a terrible traffic problem, i hope urban planners havent miss that point.By the way design is classic 21 century uber dumper, glass and mirror style,nothing really interesting instead of use of technology.I dont want the blame desing manager ,the architecture is well done,but i am not sure istanbul need that kind of another towers.The building designed and consturucted by Weber Architects


As you know Vodafone is one of the leading mobile communication company in the world, Vodafone is available in my country too and i am really happy about their services. As all super big companies Vodofone is need of well-designed showcase too. I guess this building will be showcase of their company. This modern building constructed in Porto second big port city of Portugal and designed by architects José António Barbosa and Pedro Guimarães.Design of the building is not static, it is quite dynamic and asymmetric .I am not sure it suits urban architecture but it is not a big deal ,nowadays all this kind of designs looks like came from alien space,As a designer i can say that this is the trick for a well design . People should not understand how you build or design your product or building.Furthermore , some design critics said that , face of design should had influenced so bad by works of Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad. I do not think so, this public figures are popular because of their networks and fame not because of their genius.Blaming every designer to influenced by bla bla is not appropriate.If you can make some research you can find that this way of design is called maximalism , and this is not invented by Ron Arad or Zaha Hadid. To sum up maximalism means new minimalism ,rich and pure.By the way this is good example for maximalism



              As you know technological explorations came from generally from 1st world countries like west Europe and north America .But design discipline is more democratic from science .Sometimes one simple idea in art and design may  change the big picture.Nowadays Even 3rd world countries like Turkey ,India and China can do special things in design scene.Indian design society is  bold too. Hakan gursu is just another strong designer from that third world  country Turkey. It seems that Hakan Gursu is well educated , I am really curios about how he improve
himself in that kind of place, I mean I do not really know how is design education in middle east.You know art and design disciplines can not live in conservative places, they need free atmosphere.I don think middle east and radical muslim country is best for that kind of atmosphere .To be honest I was have no hope about Turkish designers until I have meet Hakan Gursu.
             I checked his portfolio , there are lots of good and bad designs and too many boring design sketches which are pretty good.And he has more than 50 awards from really good design communities. I really appreciated this guys red bull attitude  and passion for design. His latest awards is from green dot which is really prestigious award. He hadwon second prize with in transportation category by his FOSCAT 32 design.It is simply folding solar catamaran  . It is esthetically terribly poor , renders are   unsatisfactory  .I do not want to believe that it had done by a product designer or computer graphic artist. It offers reducing the CO2 oscillation . The system also offers renewable energy which is not really big deal.

              I really do not understand why they give this prize to this guy.Design looks bad and looks like fake green design. Let me explain what is fake green design. It is the way of showing something which is not green or sustainable ,green friendly. To sum up I do not like the design both in functionally and visually , it can be
really good example of fake green design . I did not really hope better than this from a 3rd world country like Turkey.Last worlds to Turkey , I know it is off topic but please stop aggression against Kurds and Armenians and admit Armenian genocide....


                   With the technological uppercut ,human kind can build ,unbelievable buildings. Dalian library design by 10 design is one of them ,it did not built yet , I do not really know how they would construct this kind of building but it looks really amazing.At least it looks really good in render. Nowadays computer aided presentations are really important too.With the help of computer graphics architects can show design much more appealing

                 The usage of texture in this library design is mature , the form of building is amorphous , it is hard to construct these kind of thing even in these days.Relation with urban space is really successful.But I guess usage is of negative space is not best ,I did not see the floor plans but my personal opinion is this building is too high for a library ,it is approximately 650 centimeters I really do not want to be in that kind of library , it is not the best place for reading book

                        I liked the movement in right and left faces they are really rich. I hope this library fits the Chinas new modern face .But whenever I thought the worker who works on this construction I can not prevent myself  to disgust this design.
Otherwise recently Chinese governors has built lots of  space age style architectural buildings .I am really curios how they will fill these building  they told us this is a library and media center.I hope they can find freely written books or other materials to fill this building with books and other materials. Otherwise it is pointless to spent lots of effort to build thiskind of library . I think Chinese governors miss the point creating a library.


If you have chance to be in London nowadays , there is amazing exhibition in Tate Britain. Its name is Picasso and Modern British Art , as you know Picasso is still one of the most influential Artist of twentieth century. There are 150 unique pieces of art in exhibition , all of them .Are remarkable like Weeping Woman 1937 and The Three Dancers. Main topic of the exhibition is , Picasso influence on Britain Art scene and Picasso lifelong story of art.
        You can see the Picasso admirer artists art , for instance Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and David Hockney.So this is great opportunity for who want to see Picasso and these Other artists pieces.
 In my personal opinion this is really brave move from Tate Britain Exhibiting non-British artist as a national museum Exhibition will be open 15 February - 15 July 2012 you can buy tickets online via Tate Britain`s official web page ,Tate Britain is open every day 10.00 -18.00
You can eat something in Britain cafe , it is open 10.00 -17.30
To sum up if you are in London or near of it , do not miss this amazing exhibition



Every human is a self consciousness being . While natural born(genetic knowledge which is transferred via inheritance) instincts, impulses,intuitions ,impacts and tendencies turning to emotions by the force of knowledge ,suppressed -banned and blocked inner natural incentives compose the subconscious.Human have the ability to making choice incentives by born.Scattered perceptions and changes on perception by experience , education and social-natural relationships influences the artistic and volumetric edits and productions .The social environment reinforcement atmosphere, traditions .And religious tick rules.Can measures and conceptualize the distances.(person can do this with the synthesis of natural born incentives and gathered knowledge).[Image]Every person has perception limit.Creatıve individuals can improve their ,sensory organs and mind , and can expand their perception limits. With the expansion of perception limits, its area of impact grows too.The every products which person created is the measurement of perception value.For human perception every measurement is1-LOad and density2-Quality3-Limited space4-Abstract value.


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