With the technological uppercut ,human kind can build ,unbelievable buildings. Dalian library design by 10 design is one of them ,it did not built yet , I do not really know how they would construct this kind of building but it looks really amazing.At least it looks really good in render. Nowadays computer aided presentations are really important too.With the help of computer graphics architects can show design much more appealing

                 The usage of texture in this library design is mature , the form of building is amorphous , it is hard to construct these kind of thing even in these days.Relation with urban space is really successful.But I guess usage is of negative space is not best ,I did not see the floor plans but my personal opinion is this building is too high for a library ,it is approximately 650 centimeters I really do not want to be in that kind of library , it is not the best place for reading book

                        I liked the movement in right and left faces they are really rich. I hope this library fits the Chinas new modern face .But whenever I thought the worker who works on this construction I can not prevent myself  to disgust this design.
Otherwise recently Chinese governors has built lots of  space age style architectural buildings .I am really curios how they will fill these building  they told us this is a library and media center.I hope they can find freely written books or other materials to fill this building with books and other materials. Otherwise it is pointless to spent lots of effort to build thiskind of library . I think Chinese governors miss the point creating a library.


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